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Helen Aitken

PCN Business Manager

Hi there, good to meet you! I am Helen Aitken, PCN Business Manager and I have been in post since October 2022.

team-member-photo Helen Aitken

What I Do

Outer West PCN in Gateshead have an array of amazing staff spanning throughout the PCN & member practices – I count myself very lucky to work with such talented clinical & non-clinical staff to develop then work toward our shared vision/aims/values & help make these a reality for everyone. I work on the implementation of projects, service redesign & oversee contractual arrangements the PCN may enter. Working with all facets of this fantastic PCN & member practices to establish & achieve priorities is a very interesting & a rewarding part of my role - I also link to other innovations such as digital, workforce planning, financial/budget modelling etc. & greatly enjoy frequently engaging with our superb key partners across the borough on behalf of the PCN.

More About Me

I'm a people person for sure, so away from work I enjoy an array of social activities & I jump at every opportunity to spend valuable time with my friends & family. I enjoy the Northumberland coastline immensely (as does my springer spaniel, Charlie) & my hobbies include golf, yoga & dance. I'm also a bit of an adventurer, so take any opportunity to try new things (at least once anyway). Last but definitely not least, I have three amazing sons who are all in their 20s now, but regardless of their age & location, they will always be my world! Thanks for taking the time to read this – take care, Helen