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Dr Mark Fuller

PCN Clinical Director

Hi, I’m Dr Mark Fuller. I have been Clinical Director of Gateshead Outer West PCN since October 2022.

team-member-photo Dr Mark Fuller

What I Do

As PCN Clinical Director I work with the local practices within the PCN to improve patient care amongst our PCN patients through a process of patient feedback, sharing good practice and working together to employ jointly new staff that are able to work across the PCN practices.

More about me

I am also a GP and Partner at Gateshead Healthcare practices. I qualified from Newcastle Medical School in 2003 with a background in surgery, in particular orthopaedics and musculoskeletal medicine, before qualifying as a GP in 2011. I help lead Gateshead Healthcare by focusing on improving healthcare access for patients and working to ensure that patients see the right clinician at the right time. In my spare time I play football, cycle and enjoy running.