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Nicola Scott

Link Worker

Hello, I’m Nicola Scott, a Link Worker in the Outer West Gateshead PCN.

team-member-photo Nicola Scott

What I Do

Social prescribing is about holistically supporting patients with non-medical issues which may be impacting their health and wellbeing. I do this by connecting them to services or community groups for practical and emotional support.

How I Support Patients

People's wellbeing is determined by a range of social, economic and environmental factors. Understandably your mental health is going to suffer if you're a single parent of two children with little or no support, struggling to make ends meets, living in poor housing conditions.

Our role allows us to take time and listen to what matters to the patient and refer them to a range of local, typically non-clinical services to support with patient's health and wellbeing.

This could include a benefit or debt advisor, local community groups, support with referrals to food banks, sourcing grants for white goods and everything in between.